• Responsible Logistics – Green Logistics by Schuon
    As a transport and logistics service provider, we have great responsibility in protecting the environment. Schuon works under the aegis of sustainability, and, therefore, takes care of the optimization of the environmental efficiency of its processes. In the course of our everydaywork we keep in mind the following objectives:

    • Reduction of CO2 emission
    • Increasing the efficiency of the energy sources we use
    • Minimizing the environmental load in terms of noise, contaminations and wastes
    • Increase the environmental awareness of our employees

    We achieve our objectives by various measures:

    Well-Educated Employees
    We make efforts to maintain the sensibility of our employees of the importance of the protection of the environment.

    Our drivers receive regular trainings in efficient driving styles and they are informed about the evaluated results of the telematics system. Good results, that is, fuel-saving and accidentfree driving are remunerated by awards and bonuses.

    Optimized Vehicle Design
    The most efficient protection of the environment is the energy not used and the pollution not emitted. Therefore, these measures always have priority, and using the most up-to-date network technology and telematics solutions, we strive to avoid empty and diverted mileage as early as during vehicle design.

    Cooperation and Knowledge Transfer
    Close information exchange in the framework of cooperation (e.g. ELVIS) and various partnerships mobilizes such an environmental protection potential which the company in itself could not.

    By the active freight exchange system ELVIS used within the network, empty mileage may be reduced and the utilization of vehicles and other resources can be optimized.

    Young Vehicle Fleet
    By ongoing investments, we ensure that our vehicle park stays always modern and young: we purchase about 40 new  vehicles a year. Each vehicle complies with the requirements for pollutants at all times, and is equipped with the most efficient vehicles with reduced-noise motors and high-performance exhaust systems. The average age of the fleet  under 3 years speaks for itself.

    Reduced Speed
    We restrict the speed of our vehicles to 85 km/h. With this, the average speed remained almost the same as earlier,  while fuel consumption decreased.

    Ecologically Optimized Vehicles
    In order to reduce fuel consumption and the emission of pollutants all our vehicles are built on lightweight structures and are equipped with aerodinamic extras.

    With the use of long vehicles, an innovative concept has been realized within the vehicle park by which the CO2 emission can be considerably reduced.

    Warehouse Loading Devices
    In the warehouse/logistics area, we only use forklift trucks powered by electric accumulators in order to avoid noise and exhaust gases.

    Modern Building Technology
    Modern building engineering and electrical technology such as LED lighting and shading increase the efficiency of energy usage. In order to protect the environment from wastewater load, oil traps are used and regularly maintained.

    Our own truck wash facility is operated with recycled water.

    Consistent Use of Solar Power
    By the two solar parks realized in Weissenfels adjacent to Halle as well as the photovoltaic equipment installed on the buildings of the Haiterbach and Empfingen sites, we contribute to the propagation of renewable energy utilization.

    Environmentally Aware Purchasing
    Our cooperation with our suppliers is understood as a partnership. In these relationships we always keep in mind the environmental aspects of the transported products and the services provided.

    Powerful Eco-Balance
    Our Balance Sheet closed in August 2014 justifies that our relative CO2 emission was decreased by 11.67% on 2006  basis. With this, Schuon not only realized the requirements of the federal government but greatly overfulfilled them. On our webpage, we keep publishing our actual CO2 emission data.

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