• Automotive Logistics

    As a logistics service provider with Swabian roots, we have been cooperating with the automotive industry installed in the  Stuttgart region and their suppliers for decades, and gained much experience.

    Our ISO 9001 certified daily business management is based on accurately designed processes and on making parts available on time. Apart from purchasing parts from European sources and forwarding them to our warehouse installed at the gates of car manufacturers, we also undertake intermediate warehousing and processing of parts and components regarding preassembly, grouping, post-production work, quality control and sequencing. Process support and supply of the required data is ensured by reliable IT methods at every important level. Finally, using the EDI system, the delivery of parts and modules is started by the call-offs initiated from the production of car manufacturers or suppliers in the EDIFACT, Odette or VDA data protocols, and we deliver them directly to the place of installation, the assembly line. Our service is made complete by taking back the empties into the cycle.

    We offer the following logistic elements to the automotive industry which may be individually combined:

    • purchasing using the vehicle park of Schuon
    • warehousing
    • IT solutions
    • pre-assembly
    • grouping
    • post-production work
    • quality control
    • Just-in-Sequence (JIS)
    • Just-in-Time (JIT)
    • empties management
    • delivery to the place of assembly

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