• We are the specialists of the logistics of Lithium-ion batteries

    The transportation of lithium ion batteries is not hazard free. They react with many substances, they tend to overheat and can catch fire.

    The conditions for the safe handling and logistics of lithium ion batteries are subject to legal requirements and high safety standards. Schuon is aware of these dangers and the responsibility associated with them. With care and responsibility, processes have been defined, which constitute a basis for the transportation of their dangerous goods. In addition, they offer you an approved storage area for lithium ion cells, modules and batteries, in which the strictest fire protection and environmental regulations provide for the requisite degree of safety.
    For professional and safe handling of highly sensitive products and goal-directed conduct in possible dangerous situations, our staff are specially instructed and trained.

    • Above average safety standards
    • Trustworthy and personal service
    • The most modern vehicles conforming to ADR
    • All processes are ISO, SQAS and AEO certified.

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