• Welcome to the future.
    We are looking for young people with a vision.

    Who we are:

    We are a leading freight forwarding and logistics enterprise dealing first of all with jumbo transport, general cargo shipping and special logistics solutions.  Our activity covers Europe as a whole. Our roots are found in our Haiterbach centre (Baden-Württemberg).

    The name Schuon means maximum safety and quality in freight transport and handling. With our comprehensive offering, we manage our complex services from one single hand. Our customer satisfaction index is over 99%.  For maximum performance, we need the best colleagues. Are you prepared for the future? We are looking forward to see you!

    Alfred Schuon GmbH in numbers:
    Number of employees: 300
    Number of vehicles: 200
    Number of sites: 3 (Germany, Italy, Hungary)
    Warehousing and logistics surface: 30.000 m²

    What we offer to you
    Enjoyment rather than boredom in training – thorough insight rather than superficial work. With Schuon, you can get to know all aspects of the practical business processes of the transport and logistics business. We help you with internal training courses and seminars in your way into future. In turn, however, we expect the best performance. Our objective is to integrate colleagues able to top performance into our company for the long run. In this way, we can analyze and develop the interests and capabilities of our colleagues already in the course of training.

    What we expect from you
    We need the best fresh forces. But we are interested not only in their school grades. We are looking for young people with a vision who appreciate exciting professional challenges, and facilitate the traffic of our vehicles with enthusiasm all over Europe.