Enlengthened trains up to 19 ton loading capacity

Schuon participated in the national operational test of extended-length vehicles, and now it has been using them as part of normal operation. This approach offers determinant competitive and cost advantages to clients. Apart from that, we can act in common for protecting the environment by considerably lowering CO2 emission per train, and we can also increase the safety of road transport since the stopping distance with an enlengthened train is much shorter than that of a traditional goods vehicle.

If we look at the simplest formula, the calculation is simple: two enlengthened trains are able to replace three Jumbo trains. The basis of introduction is the road network just approved by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Of course, if there is a specific demand, we are ready to involve new routes in the authorization system. In the course of individual discussions, the loadability and the length of the loading area will be determined on the basis of your demands.

Enlengthened trains are first of all suitable for regular and large sized freights. Examples: production transports between co-operating factories and companies requiring continuous re-transport of empties (as it often occurs between manufacturers and suppliers).

If there is any question, we are at your disposal. Contact us, please, and we can discuss the opportunities and the proposal.

Further information: www.bast.de und www.vda.de/lang-lkw


  • 21.30-m long loading area (7.70 m +13.60 m)
  • 3 m internal height
  • 2.48 m internal width
  • 158 m3 loading area
  • 19 ton loading capacity
  • 53 places for pallets

Loading Layout


Hydraulic roof / Edscha roof / Code XL / DCE 9.5