• We transport in system.

    With our standard swap body vehicles we carry out general cargo shipping, first of all for well-known package delivery companies.

    The major requirement here is excellent quality, absolute reliability and compliance with time limits. Our standardized processes and standard routes together with our well-trained personnel guarantee the most economic and efficient freight forwarding solutions.

    Technical specifications of our standard swap body vehicles:

    • Internal length of tractor / trailer: 7.45 m / 7.45 m
    • Internal height of tractor / trailer: 2.40 m
    • Internal width: 2.48 m
    • Payload: 22 t
    • Euro-pallet places: 36
    • Swap bodies: sheet, box or superstructure according to the customer’s needs

    Vehicles are used in day and night shifts for the better utilization of our shipping capacity. Due to the Fleetboard system, we receive status reports continuously, so that you can plan your shipment times.

    For daytime shipping, we can offer especially favourable freight rates. For regular shipping assignments in Germany, in postal code areas beginning with 6, 7 and 8, we have vehicles with various superstructures. With sheeted, box or other superstructures as required by the customer – with Schuon, (almost) everything is possible!