Contractual logistics

We offer value-adding logistics.

Different sectors, goods and products have different logistics requirements, therefore we have developed our building block system called e-logistics24 based on an in-depth analysis.

The result is customized logistics solutions that meet your needs.

In doing so, smooth operation and the highest quality are guaranteed by certified processes and the strictest safety standards. In addition, we make logistics clear and traceable also for you: We connect you to our system with the help of state-of-the-art IT and cooperation techniques, so you can constantly monitor the status of your products and goods.
We will take our services to your desired location directly according to your current wishes and needs, or we will perform them in one of our logistics areas.
In the southern catchment area of Stuttgart and in Veszprém and Kecskemét (Hungary), we have a flexible logistics area with fully equipped halls of more than 80,000 square meters, as well as thousands of square meters of outdoor space in Germany, at our sites in Empfingen, Haiterbach, Sulz and Wildberg, all of which are located in the immediate vicinity of motorway A81 (between Stuttgart and Singen).

Test the new customized version of logistics.