Logistics with responsibility

Logistics with Responsibility – Green Logistics by Schuon

As a transport and logistics service provider, we bear a high degree of responsibility for preserving our environment. Schuon stands for sustainability and therefore continuously optimizes eco-efficiency in all processes. In our daily activities, we focus on the following goals:

  • Reduction of our CO2 emissions
  • Increasing the efficiency of energy sources we use
  • Minimising environmental pollution in terms of noise, pollutants and waste
  • Maximising the environmental awareness of our employees

We ensure that our goals are achieved through a wide variety of measures:

We make regular efforts to raise the environmental awareness of our employees. Our drivers also receive regular training in energy-efficient driving style as well as extensive feedback from the evaluated data from the telematics systems. Associated with this are awards and prizes for fuel-efficient and accident-free driving.

The best environmental protection is unused energy and unemitted harmful substances. Therefore these actions always have priority, and we take measures to avoid empty and detour kilometres as early as at the scheduling the vehicles through the consistent use of the most modern, networked IT and telematics solutions.

The close exchange of information within the framework of cooperations (e.g. ELVIS) and partnerships raises the potential for environmental protection that a company cannot tap on its own. Using the active load exchange system in the ELVIS network, we can reduce empty kilometres and optimize the efficiency of our vehicles and the resources used.

We continuously invest in a modern and young fleet: about 40 new vehicles are purchased every year. All new vehicles comply with the latest emission standards and are equipped with highly efficient, low-noise engines and high-performance exhaust technology. The average age of our fleet, less than 3 years, speaks for itself.

The speed of our vehicles is reduced to 85 km/h. While the average speed has remained almost the same, fuel consumption has reduced.

To reduce consumption and emissions, all our vehicles are built on a lightweight structure and have special aerodynamic equipment.

With the use of our long trucks, we have implemented an innovative vehicle concept in our fleet that enables significant reduction in CO2 emission.

We perform our contract logistics activities exclusively with battery-operated industrial trucks to avoid noise and exhaust gases.

Modern building technologies such as LED lighting and shading increase the efficiency of the energy used. In order to avoid pollution of the environment by our waste water, oil separators are installed which are regularly serviced.

Our in-house truck wash is operated with recycled water.

With two solar parks in Weißenfels near Halle and photovoltaic systems on company and warehouse buildings in Haiterbach and Empfingen, we contribute to the propagation of using renewable energy sources.

We consider the cooperation with our suppliers as a partnership. In doing so, we always bear in mind also the ecological aspects of the services provided.

The balance sheet of August 2014 confirms that our relative CO2 emissions have been reduced by 11.67 percent compared to the base year 2006. With this, Schuon not only met the requirements of the federal government, but exceeded them by far. The ongoing CO2 emissions are displayed on our website.

Green Logistics