Ultralight jumbo vehicles – up to 7.5 t payload: The lightweight giants

With their 3.15-m internal height, our ultralight Jumbo vehicles are suitable for the transport of high, stackable and light goods. This will spare CO2 and cost. We use weight-optimized Jumbo vehicles primarily to fulfil the delivery orders of our packaging and insulation customers. These vehicles make extremely good use of the 15 cm higher interior height, thus, in an optimal case, saving every fourth ride.

In addition to the standard version (7.75 m / 7.75 m), we also have ultra-light Jumbo vehicles with metric dimensions (6.45 m / 9.05 m).
According to the standard specifications, these vehicles are equipped with a raisable roof. The optional textile inlet makes the vehicle a silo vehicle for transporting light bulk materials.

  • Truck / trailer loading dimensions: 7.75 m / 7.75 m or 6.45 m / 9.05 m
  • Truck / trailer internal height: max. 3.02 m / max. 3.02 m
  • Internal width: 2.50 m
  • Overall volume: 120 m3
  • Payload: 7.5 t
  • Pallet spaces: 38

Loading sketches 7.75 m / 7.75 m


Loading sketches 6.45 m / 9.05 m



Lifting roof / Code XL / DCE 9.5 / Inlet