Schuon Leitbild und Mitarbeiter

Our guiding principle:
Always on the move in the right direction

The guiding principle of ALFRED SCHUON GMBH clarifies the purpose of our company and provides a framework for our daily actions. In this way we create a uniform idea of our identity as well as our goals and the strategies used.

Everyone can deduce from this why and how the respective tasks should be done. This simplifies our daily work.

Leitbild Schuon


Our vision describes where we want to be as a company in 10 to 15 years:
We want to be among the top 3 for large-volume transports within Europe and perform our activities as a specialist in industry-specific logistics solutions.

In the field of jumbo transports, we are already playing a leading role that we have to expand in the future. We have to increase the number of our jumbo vehicles with our blue and yellow trademark on Europe’s roads and our fleet is to be continuously expanded as a result.

In the field of contract logistics, we continue to spend all our energies to persuade our customers with individual solutions. We take advantage of opportunities and continue to occupy strategic niches in order to be successful in the future.

Our Basic Principles

As a family-run enterprise, we consider the requirements of our customers as a personal matter and strive for trusting and long-term partnerships.

We trust that our employees give the best of their knowledge and capabilities to Schuon, and in return we create a motivating work environment with a variety of incentives.

We work with and for one another in order to achieve the best possible result in a team with colleagues and customers.

We see the possibilities for quality improvement in every detail, so we consider the process as continuous improvement.

We are always up to date with the latest technology and take on the role of first follower in the digitalisation of our industry.

We stand for long-term business success in accordance with the principles of Green Logistics and our basic corporate values.

Our Mission

Our mission describes our corporate purpose and services:
We deliver tailor-made transport and logistics solutions that turn customers into fans and ensure profitable growth for us.

With passion and competence, we want to meet the requirements of our customers at all times and, ideally, even exceed them. Customers are made not only satisfied but enthusiastic in this manner. The result is the establishment of sustainable partnerships as the basis for profitable growth.