“We are a well assembled team. I love my work, and I’m very happy that I will always have my job here, and I can always count on my superiors who always support me in everything.” Ralf Schulz skilled warehouseman “One can feel that Schuon is a family enterprise. They take care of the many little things that may be important for the colleagues. This creates a really good atmosphere, so I can do my job even better.” Chris Meier trainee professional driver “In transport and logistics each day is different. This is why it becomes exciting and varied. And if some serious problem occurs, we can be sure that the colleagues will help in resolving it.” Sarah Dengler trainee administrative “Here, the word ‘together’ is written all in capitals, and I can always find the person who can give the correct answer to my question. Thank to the excellent atmosphere and varied, interesting tasks, one is never bored here.” Matthias Vosseler vehicle mechatronics expert (commercial vehicle technology) “At Schuon, I feel like in a big family. Each colleague is recognized the same, because everyone is an important part of the whole. Everybody’s got the opportunity to tell their ideas and realize them. This strengthens togetherness and individual development.” Manuel Seeger workshop manager “I appreciate working in a young and flexible team and quick decisions, which make it much easier to resolve daily problems. We can be sure that the management will always listen to the colleagues even if it’s not about work.” Martin Birkle billing manager “The shipping and logistics attendant training is very multi-faceted. During the training, not only that I receive full support from each department, but excellent internal training opportunities are also offered, for example in the form of a foreign study trip.” Celine Leonie Kaiser trainee shipping and logistics attendant “In many other plants, trainees are taken for cheap cleaners, but at Schuon, they start to deal with you, and already give you some responsibility. From the training so far, it turned out that the job of a skilled warehouseman is probably quite varied.” Adam Wiertzbiki trainee warehouse logistics skilled worker “The regular meetings of drivers largely contribute to the good workplace atmosphere. They listen to you, you can tell your opinion, and if you raise a problem that needs a solution, you can get help. The events like the traditional Schuon Summer Feast further increase togetherness between colleagues.” Heiko Reise truck driver “Schuon’s name sound very well both in professional circles and among customers. This recognition is felt also at work. As truck drivers, we always get the most recent vehicles, we drive all over Europe, and there is great variety both in the tours and in the type of loads as well.” Rüdiger Heimbrodt truck driver “That everything is all right at Schuon is also shown by the high number of drivers with long service time who feel well at the company and appreciate the good relationship with their colleagues. And to top it all, there is the good feeling that salaries are always paid accurately and reliably.” Dirk Rößler truck driver

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