battery logistics

Battery Logistics: Lithium-ion batteries for the automotive industry

Lithium-ion batteries form the backbone of the process of change towards the increasing use of renewable energy sources in transport. Without efficient energy sources, it is inconceivable to build an e-mobility system covering a whole area. Since batteries classified as dangerous goods have special requirements in terms of transport, storage, packaging and handling, there is a need for certified experts such as Schuon, which has specifically designed and equipped storage areas and appropriate know-how for this purpose.

Warehouses and suitable vehicles designed for the storage of dangerous goods

Our warehouses specifically designed for dangerous goods in Empfingen and Wildberg and, in future, in Kecskemét meet the high safety regulations and environmental standards for the storage of lithium-ion batteries. Because of the high fire risk of energy sources, high-performance sprinkler systems are installed in the halls, for example. All employees who handle, repackage or check batteries are specially qualified and individually trained.
The vehicles used for battery transport are equipped with extensive equipment for securing cargo as well as ADR (a treaty governing the transport of hazardous materials) equipment. The drivers have ADR license and are specially trained.

Value-added services for battery logistics

In addition to transport and storage, we offer extensive value-added services to our clients in the field of battery logistics. These include individual quality checks, repackaging, classification or container handling and loading.

We offer temporary safekeeping warehouses and undertake the handling of customs clearance for imports and exports. Our professional processes are confirmed by ISO, SQAS and AEO certificates.
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Transport logistics

Warehouses and suitable vehicles designed for the storage of dangerous goods.



Contractual logistics

In addition, we offer you a warehouse designed for the storage of lithium-ion cells, modules and batteries, in which the strictest fire protection and environmental regulations ensure the required level of safety.

Know-How Battery Logistics

Individual solutions


Our employees have been specially educated and trained for the professional and safe handling of highly sensitive products, for the behaviour to be followed and actions to be taken in potentially dangerous situations.




This special service package is based on our network of experts and our close cooperation with customers, insurance companies, dangerous goods agents, experts and local authorities.

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