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High-volume transport: Reliable transport services for high-volume shipments

High-volume transport has become our passion. Why? Our Jumbo trailers and Megatrailers – designed specifically for high-volumes – all offer a minimum of 3 m headroom and 12% more overall volume than a classic trailer. Jumbo trailers also have 13% more loading space, which increases the volume by up to 30% compared to a classic trailer. This means that you can almost save almost one in three transports. This reduces costs and protects the environment. Our Company is therefore a strong partner for efficient high-volume transport solutions in Central Europe and Germany.

Our Jumbo trailers have a surface area of 38 pallets and a total volume of 115 m3. The Ultralight-Jumbo version with headroom increased by crucial centrimetres to 3.10 m and a volume of up to 120 m3 make it a particularly cost-saving and safe solution for highly stacked goods.

If you need an even more efficient solution for high-volume transport, we also have a fleet of extended trailers. Our type 1 extended trailer (extended Megatrailer) provides a volume of 112 m3. And our type 3 extended trailer (called Ecocombi or Gigaliner) reaches the maximum possible volume of 160 m3.

Safe transport solution for high-volume goods with professional services

We recommend our Megatrailers for goods with a high centre of gravity, such as machinery or coils. As they have a continuous loading area with a length of 13.60 meters, they only require one ramp space at the loading and unloading point. With our Megatrailers, we can also handle oversized widths up to 3.00 metres.

So we can find the ideal solution for automotive, insulation and packaging manufacturers, and for machine building and other specialised sectors. Our large and diverse fleet and years of experience guarantee the expertise needed to transport your goods efficiently and safely.

We provide offers for high-volume transports Germany and Central Europe. Experience our expertise yourself.