Driver campaign programmes for responsible work in Germany and international logistics

As a freight forwarder, at Schuon we place particular emphasis on fair working conditions for professional drivers and safe road transport.

Without our qualified colleagues, it would not be possible to transport goods throughout Europe and thus supply our society. As a sign of our appreciation and respect for drivers, we have signed the International Charter for Better Working Conditions and joined the TruckerHeroes initiative. In this way, Schuon is helping to improve working conditions and operational processes along the logistics supply chain in Germany and internationally.

Our trucks are on the road every day. We regularly educate our colleagues about road safety so that they are aware of their responsibilities to themselves and others. To this end, Schuon has joined the “Hellwach mit 80” (“Wide awake at 80 km/h”) initiative. The initiative’s regulations make a valuable contribution to greater safety in everyday life.

Contact us for more information on what driver training programmes are available for responsible and safe transport and warehouse logistics in Germany and Europe.