Special transported goods: transport logistics for heavy and large goods as well as faster loading and unloading

We offer transport solutions for goods with special requirements. Our fleet is designed to handle the transportation of goods with special sizes and weights as well as special requirements for loading and unloading points efficiently and smoothly.

Whether transporting pressing tools, coils or other heavy goods: With our many years of experience and a specialized fleet of vehicles that have a permanent permit for up to three metres of excess width and are equipped with special belts and chains to secure loads, we can reliably take care of your transport needs.

As logistics experts, we know that speed and efficiency are the most important factors. That’s why we use quick-change vehicles from Kamag for our traileryard and plant logistics. This enables our customers to achieve particularly short handling times, maximum maneuverability thanks to a high steering angle and safe handling on their premises. This means that just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply chains can be handled with ease.

With our convertible transport, large containers or entire finished parts can be easily unloaded by crane and placed in the right position due to the lack of a tarpaulin. This is especially important when the goods need to be moved particularly quickly at the unloading point – for example at a construction site.

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