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Jumbo vehicles – up to 14.8 t payload: Medium weight transports

Our medium-weight jumbos are not only medium. Similarly to the side tarpaulin, thanks to the Edscha roof that can be pulled towards the front of the vehicle, these vehicles are also suitable for loading with a crane, for example if machinery or building materials are transported. They have a maximum payload of 14.8 t with a total volume of 120 m3 to perform these tasks.

The optional extra equipment, the “mergeable load compartment”, saves ramp space and time in the case of rear loading, as the tractor does not have to be disconnected.

  • Truck / trailer loading dimensions: 7.75 m / 7.75 m
  • Truck / trailer internal height: 3.00 m / max. 3.10 m
  • Internal width: 2.50 m
  • Overall volume: 120 m3
  • Payload: 14.8 t
  • Pallet spaces: 38

Loading sketches 7.75 m / 7.75 m



Lifting roof / Edscha top / Cargo space / Code XL / DCE 9.5