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Automotive Industry Logistics

As a logistics service provider with Swabian roots, we have been working for the automotive industry and its suppliers in the greater Stuttgart areafor decades and have built up extensive know-how.

Precise processes and punctual supply of parts form the basis of our daily activities, which are certified according to ISO 9001. In addition to the Europe-wide procurement of parts to our warehouses installed at the gates of automotive manufacturers, we take on the intermediate storage and improvement of parts or components through pre-assembly, set formation, post-production/rework, quality control and scheduling. A reliable IT, which is designed with redundancies on all important levels, supports the processes and secures the necessary data. Finally, the calls by means of the EDI system in the data protocols EDIFACT, Odette or VDA arriving directly from the production of the car manufacturers or suppliers trigger the delivery of the parts and modules, which we deliver directly to the point of installation on the assembly line. Our range of services is rounded off by the return of empties to the cycle.

We offer the following logistical modules for the automotive industry that can be individually combined:

  • Purchasing with our trucks
  • Warehousing, storaging
  • IT solutions
  • Pre-assembly
  • Set formation, grouping
  • Post-production
  • Quality control
  • Just-in-Sequence (JIS)
  • Just-in-Time (JIT)
  • Management of empties
  • Deliveries to the point of installation
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